The first Poljane Olympic Games, a great success

The first ever Poljane Olympic Games have just ended and the atmosphere is great. After the recent London Olympics the athletes were feeling competitive and were full of Olympic spirit. Even though not every country could be the winner, every fan from every country is still cheering loudly for their athletes.

The audience was excited even before the games. All wore their country’s representative colours. A lot of national flags could be seen in the crowd. At the opening ceremony each team passed by the crowd, with its anthem playing on the stage. The anthems were performed by talented Poljane musicians.

I had a chance to speak to one of Great Britain’s best athletes, Marko Popadić, before the games and he had this to say: “I am very excited to compete here today. I’ve trained very long for this and am fully prepared to make my fans proud.”

Seven teams competed in wrestling and various tasks on the obstacle course. The crowd was supportive. Athletes were eager to compete and left the audience laughing and in Olympic spirit.

After the intense games the athletes all gathered on the stage to receive their prizes. The audience was on pins and needles for the judges to declare the results. In the end the Spanish team placed third, USA second, and the winner of this year’s Poljane Olympic Games was Great Britain. Italy, Russia, Germany and the Ancient Rome placed lower. Audience rose again for the anthems, some even shed a tear.

I spoke to athlete Marko Popadić again and he shared his feelings after the game: “I feel great; the whole team was excited to showcase their amazing athletic skills. I love my fans!” The Spanish and the Americans were also eager to celebrate with their fans.

The Poljane Olympic Games brought out the best in people. As expected, the students showed great sportsmanship. The whole event was without incident. Poljane students are known for being respectful and peaceful but just competitive enough to make it interesting.


Uroš Mikanovič