Olympic flames have been lit by the headmaster of Poljane Grammar School. Adrenaline. Screaming of the supporting fans. This is what it was like at the opening ceremony of the first Poljane Olympic Games.

The whole school gathered in the school courtyard to support the represented countries. Athletes competed in wrestling and different obstacle course events.

After The Games, I managed to get an interview with one of the participants in today’s games, Martin Pirkovič.

Martin Pirkovič, from class 2G is a hard working athlete whom girls just adore. This member of Team USA has piercing blue eyes and curly brown hair. It is no surprise that he was one of the most popular members.

NJ: Hello! Let me first congratulate you on your second place!

MP: Hi, and thank you!

NJ: For how long have you been training for The Games?

MP: I’ve wanted to participate in The Games my whole life. Last year my coach told me that there was a spot in the team for me. Since then I’ve been training really hard.

NJ: What was your typical day like, while you were preparing for The Games?

MP: I woke up every day at 5am. Before breakfast, I went for a half an hour long run and did my exercises. I was in school from 8am to 4pm and when I came home, I went to the gym for two hours. Usually I went to sleep at 10pm.

NJ: I heard from reliable sources that you sleep on Dormeo. Is it true?

MP: The results speak for themselves.

NJ: What was your diet like while training?

MP: I ate a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. Meat, eggs and pasta was on my menu daily.

NJ: Did school suffer because of The Games?

MP: It did at the beginning, when I still wasn’t organized. Then my coach told me to sort out my priorities and I did.

NJ: Were your expectations about winning high or was it a surprise?

MP: We had a great team and our chances of winning were high from the beginning. I think that no one was actually surprised to see us win because we were fast from the start.

NJ: How do you feel now, after the win?

MP: Feelings are tremendous, especially after that hard-core battle. It was amazing, the adrenalin was rushing through our system and it was giving us fuel to win.

NJ: Thank you for your answers and I wish you all the best.

MP: Thank you.

The first Poljane Olympics were a big success and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

Immediately after the interview Martin left to enjoy his prize – a gigantic silver painted cookie, a well-deserved snack indeed!

 Natalija Jevtić