One, who is not a sportsman, can only imagine the exhilaration and adrenalin that take over your body when the competition starts. The feeling of ultimate Olympic glory is for us – normal human popularity – out of our imagination’s reach. The celebration of being the best, the charm of teamwork and the union of a nation just for this small amount of time when everyone feels proud of their country is really something special. When even an anarchist becomes a patriot because pride of his origin was brought out by one good throw, one fast run, an amazing swim or a good pass – this is what the Olympics bring.

Our sportsmen and sportswomen did very well, if not great, in representing the U.S. colors and were justified to hold our flag in their hands at the first Poljane Olympic Games that were held on 26th September at Poljane Grammar School. Explore how they accomplished their amazing second place by listening to the interviews, browsing through photo galleries and watching the short films. The editing board proudly congratulates the U.S. sportsmen and sportswomen and wishes them many more achievements like this one.

Written by Pia Lavriha, 2.H

Posted in USA