26th of September was a very special day at Poljane Secondary School. For the first time in history, we hosted the Olympic Games of Poljane. At first we all went to school courtyard where Ana Samobor and Nik Žibret made an introductory speech. They said that the main point of the Olympic Games was to have fun and not be very competitive. After that we listened to Slovenian national anthem and a presentation of each country’s team followed. First there was France, Italian ‘’spaghetti’’, wild roman soldiers, Germany, ‘’140%’’ of Russians, Spain, Great Britain and the USA. Everyone made a very good impression with their look and accessories which were typical of their country. Musicians accompanied all this with music, typical of each country. The Headmaster of Poljane lit the Olympic fire, saying he was very happy to host the first Olympic Games of Poljane and was looking forward to hosting another ones. At the end he wished good luck to every country and the words ‘’Let the games begin!’’ announced the start of the first Olympic Games of Poljane.



The Olympic Games of Poljane had their own special spirit and because of that, the disciplines were a bit different, a bit crazy and very fun too. There were five different disciplines: wrestling, running games, games that test different abilities and skills, a big jumping rope and ‘’snail wheels’’. Wrestling and running games were the first disciplines; wrestling took place in the small gym and running games in the bigger one.  Two competitors had to run in a hop together and they had to get through different obstacles. The first pair of teams to compete were Russia and France. Russia won, even though one of the Russian girls lost her shoe when she was running. The second match was between Italy and classical competitors and Italy was better. This match was followed by the one between Great Britain and Germany. The winner was Great Britain. The last match was between the USA and Spain, and once again the English-speaking country won.                 The big jumping rope was really interesting to watch, competitors were really nervous because it seemed very hard to run under the spinning rope with a hop. Like in the running match, two teams at a time competed. The winners were the USA, Great Britain, Spain and Russia. After that the Olympic Games took place outside, at the school’s backyard.  They competed in games that tested different skills. There were 3 parts: three students had to walk on one pair of skis together, then one student had to walk on stilts and at the end one student had to lead three balls of a different size at the same time, through the whole polygon. The winners were Germany, the USA, Great Britain and classical competitors. This part of the Olympic Games was the most interesting and very intense.                                                                                                                                                    The last game was called ‘’snail wheels’’.  Each team had a bike and the main goal was to drive it through polygon very, very slowly. The slowest one won. There were two winners, Spain and the USA.

Then the games were over. We all wanted to know the winner of the first Olympic Games of Poljane.  After ten minutes we all came to the school’s courtyard again. A teacher asked us to do Mexican wave and we did it about three times, it looked very cool. Then the host announced the winners of the whole Olympic Games of Poljane. The third was Spain, the second was the USA and the winner was Great Britain. They were all very surprised and happy about the victory.

The competitors were encouraged with a loud cheering from other ‘’citizens’’ of their countries throughout the whole games, and the games weren’t short of photographers, cameramen and journalists who were there to capture every moment.

It seemed that everybody had a great time and we all hope that maybe next year there will be another Olympic Games of Poljane.                                                                          

                                                               Eva Herman and Maruša Smolnikar, 2.c

The first Poljane Olympic Games, a great success

The first ever Poljane Olympic Games have just ended and the atmosphere is great. After the recent London Olympics the athletes were feeling competitive and were full of Olympic spirit. Even though not every country could be the winner, every fan from every country is still cheering loudly for their athletes.

The audience was excited even before the games. All wore their country’s representative colours. A lot of national flags could be seen in the crowd. At the opening ceremony each team passed by the crowd, with its anthem playing on the stage. The anthems were performed by talented Poljane musicians.

I had a chance to speak to one of Great Britain’s best athletes, Marko Popadić, before the games and he had this to say: “I am very excited to compete here today. I’ve trained very long for this and am fully prepared to make my fans proud.”

Seven teams competed in wrestling and various tasks on the obstacle course. The crowd was supportive. Athletes were eager to compete and left the audience laughing and in Olympic spirit.

After the intense games the athletes all gathered on the stage to receive their prizes. The audience was on pins and needles for the judges to declare the results. In the end the Spanish team placed third, USA second, and the winner of this year’s Poljane Olympic Games was Great Britain. Italy, Russia, Germany and the Ancient Rome placed lower. Audience rose again for the anthems, some even shed a tear.

I spoke to athlete Marko Popadić again and he shared his feelings after the game: “I feel great; the whole team was excited to showcase their amazing athletic skills. I love my fans!” The Spanish and the Americans were also eager to celebrate with their fans.

The Poljane Olympic Games brought out the best in people. As expected, the students showed great sportsmanship. The whole event was without incident. Poljane students are known for being respectful and peaceful but just competitive enough to make it interesting.


Uroš Mikanovič


Olympic flames have been lit by the headmaster of Poljane Grammar School. Adrenaline. Screaming of the supporting fans. This is what it was like at the opening ceremony of the first Poljane Olympic Games.

The whole school gathered in the school courtyard to support the represented countries. Athletes competed in wrestling and different obstacle course events.

After The Games, I managed to get an interview with one of the participants in today’s games, Martin Pirkovič.

Martin Pirkovič, from class 2G is a hard working athlete whom girls just adore. This member of Team USA has piercing blue eyes and curly brown hair. It is no surprise that he was one of the most popular members.

NJ: Hello! Let me first congratulate you on your second place!

MP: Hi, and thank you!

NJ: For how long have you been training for The Games?

MP: I’ve wanted to participate in The Games my whole life. Last year my coach told me that there was a spot in the team for me. Since then I’ve been training really hard.

NJ: What was your typical day like, while you were preparing for The Games?

MP: I woke up every day at 5am. Before breakfast, I went for a half an hour long run and did my exercises. I was in school from 8am to 4pm and when I came home, I went to the gym for two hours. Usually I went to sleep at 10pm.

NJ: I heard from reliable sources that you sleep on Dormeo. Is it true?

MP: The results speak for themselves.

NJ: What was your diet like while training?

MP: I ate a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. Meat, eggs and pasta was on my menu daily.

NJ: Did school suffer because of The Games?

MP: It did at the beginning, when I still wasn’t organized. Then my coach told me to sort out my priorities and I did.

NJ: Were your expectations about winning high or was it a surprise?

MP: We had a great team and our chances of winning were high from the beginning. I think that no one was actually surprised to see us win because we were fast from the start.

NJ: How do you feel now, after the win?

MP: Feelings are tremendous, especially after that hard-core battle. It was amazing, the adrenalin was rushing through our system and it was giving us fuel to win.

NJ: Thank you for your answers and I wish you all the best.

MP: Thank you.

The first Poljane Olympics were a big success and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

Immediately after the interview Martin left to enjoy his prize – a gigantic silver painted cookie, a well-deserved snack indeed!

 Natalija Jevtić


Anamarija Dolenc

What is your opinion about The Olympic games of Poljane?

It was really fun and exciting. We all enjoyed it. I think we all gave our best. And we were obviously the best. Yeah I enjoyed it. It was awesome.

How did you prepare?

I have been training for almost 3 years, everyday for 5-6 hours. It was hard and intense but in the end in was all worth it.

So were you nervous before The Games started?

Yes, I was very nervous, of course I was very nervous, it was very intense. I was very nervous before the beginning. But that is a part of competing. If I wasn’t nervous the feeling of the competing wouldn’t be right.

Do you do any sports in your free time?

Yes I go running and I play table tennis. Well I really like doing that and I stay in shape by swimming. I also play chess, that’s a sport, even though a lot of people think that it’s not a real sport. It is! And I’ll increase awareness.

Do you encourage your friends to do sports?

Yes, of course. I always encourage my friends to do sports. But of course all of them don’t listen to my advice and they just watch TV all day long. On the other hand some of them listen to me and we sometimes play volleyball together.

How would you rate performance of other countries?

They were all good, really good, but they weren’t as good as us… yeah, of course not. We were the best. Of course we were. So yeah they tried, but they weren’t as good as us!

What is your opinion of your team?

Well I think that every member of the team did great, everyone did their best, and we were all good.

Would you give any special credit to any of your team members?

Well I would like to point out Matej Lovšin on the bike. And … I don’t know, we were all good.

Sebastjan Novinšek

What is your opinion about The Olympic games of Poljane.

I think that the Olympic games project was awesome, because it really gathered up all the students in Poljane, particularly the second and third years. And it was awesome.

So how did you prepare for the games?

I haven’t drunk alcohol for four days so I had clean blood. And I also hadn’t smoked weed or anything HAHAHA for three days so my lungs are clear and so … yes and then in the morning I woke up at six am and did some exercise…

Did you train before?

Ah no, no I am a natural at sports, so I didn’t have to.

So you weren’t nervous when the games started?

No, no I was confident in our group and in its success.

That paid off well.

Yea we were first.

Ok, so do you do any sports in your free time?

No, nothing except tennis, nothing else besides this. No I don’t do any sports in my free time.

 But do you encourage your friends to do sports?

No, not really. I am a fan of sports, but right now I don’t have time and we have a lot to do at school. So I don’t do sports.

So how would you rate the performance of other countries?

Umm they sucked and we were the best… Yes, nothing more.

And what is your opinion on your team?

Awesome, it was awesome. Haahah …yeah the results show how awesome we are.

Would you give any special credit to any of your team members?

Hmm … Krištof Kuzman Plemeniti, because, well he is good.

Marko Popadić

What do you think of The Olympic games of Poljane?

Well I like this idea about the Olympic Games because the students of our school became a little bit more connected, we got to know each other a little bit better and we get an inspiration for future school (sport) days. I like it a lot.

Did you do any preparations?

Well I didn’t prepare. Actually I do sports a lot so preparation was not needed for me.

So were you nervous before the games?

Well before my first match and after it I was quite nervous. It helped me to win the first match at wrestling. So yeah it was a positive thing for me.

Did you only compete at wrestling or also at any other sports?

Oh I was just competing in wrestling. First I competed one on one and the other matches were three on three.

So did you win all of them?

Well we won the first match, we lost the second, which was a bit unlucky and the third one was a success for us, we were third (at the end).

Which sports do you also do?

Well I do a lot of sports, sometimes I go running, I do fitness, I practice Mai thai, it is Thai boxing and many times I go out and play football or basketball.

Do you encourage your friends to do sports?

Yes, I am encouraging my friends to start training with me, because Mai thai gives you a better insight into yourself, to see what you are capable of. So yes I am encouraging them to do at least a little bit of sports.

So how would you rate the performance of other countries?

Well they did quite well but they were not as successful as we were, but they did their best. So yeah it is positive.

What is your opinion of your particular team?

My opinion is that we did a great job, we stuck to the plan that we made before the competitions and we worked as a team, which is the most important thing.

What was the team plan?

Well at wrestling we said that we will help each other and take care of other members so that our team wouldn’t be attacked and we stuck to it. In the second match it was not a successful plan but in the third we showed our characters again.

Would you give any special credit to any of your team members?

No, no I wouldn’t give any special credit to any of us, but to everyone, each and every member of our team, because we all gave 100 percent of ourselves in these games.

                                                                                                                    Karin Kokalj, 2.c



What is happening here?!

It’s Poljane Olympic Games, where we have fun but also learn a lot!

 26th September, the day of the famous Poljane Olympic Games.

When I arrived to school on this day I was a bit surprised. Everything was very nicely decorated with logos of the Poljane Olympics. Above the entrance there were five intertwined hoops that resembled the five rings on the official Olympic Games flag. The rings actually symbolise the unity of the five inhabited continents (America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe), while the colours were chosen because every nation has at least one of them on its national flag (blue, yellow, black, green and red). The Olympics flag with rings was adopted in 1914 but flown for a first time at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. However, our students who were responsible for logos and the decoration definitely did a great job.

The Poljane Olympic Games started a few minutes after 9 o’clock in the morning on the school yard where the opening ceremony was held. The ceremony started with the hoisting of the country’s flags and performances of their national anthems, played by students. At that point we can mention that those rituals were established long ago, in 1920 in Antwerp. As a very important event at the opening ceremony our headmaster also lighted up the Olympic flame (which was sadly extinguished before the Games ended).

After the ceremony, students that were chosen to be athletes began with the competitions while the others were audience to support them. Athletes had to compete in 5 disciplines: relay with a hoop, jumping the skipping rope, wrestling, bicycling and walking with skis and stilts. It seemed like they had a nice time (with some small incidents that made everything even more amusing). All the athletes really gave their best and performed to the full.

On the closing ceremony the results were announced. The winner was English team with American team on a second and Spanish team on a third place. The price was (instead of the usual medals) three giant cookies, which was, to my mind, even a better idea.

I talked to the two athletes from the British team, who were very proud of being the winners of those special Olympic Games. I asked them about their feelings about Poljane Olympics as a competition. They both liked it.

Ina put out the meaning of the teamwork, which was great in her opinion. Her favourite discipline was relay, but she didn’t like the bicycling because only one from each group competed – which was not a real group work. As a winner she is very happy, she especially remembers the part when the group received the golden cookie, which they distributed equally among all the athletes from their team.

Petra didn’t truly expect her group to win, but she thought they’d be one of the first three places. I asked her why she was sure about that and she told me there were some professional sportsmen in their team who were perfectly prepared for the Games. And what did she think about the opening ceremony? She found it interesting and entertaining, even though she felt a bit embarrassed when she had to appear in front of so many people, who were cheering and laughing. She also liked the idea of the Olympic flame very much.

In my opinion, those Olympic Games were a great idea by our sports teacher Uroš Bizilj, because it was an escape from the usual routine of sometimes grey school days; we all had so much fun and we also learned a lot. I hope something like this will happen again next year.


Tajda Liplin Šerbetar, 2.D